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Heather Thomas Art

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The Consciousness Series by Heather Thomas

About The Series

Discovering Matthew Patti’s High-Performance Consciousness Podcast in December 2020 has been foundational in helping Heather shift into a preferred reality and fine-tune the inner workings of what brings the most joy, freedom, and harmony in her life. One thing Heather loves most about Matthew’s wisdom is that he does a great job of making challenging topics and abstract concepts accessible. He simplifies the language of quantum physics, neuroscience, and consciousness and provides everyday examples that Heather can relate to with ease. Matthew speaks her language, and as an energy worker who believes in a greater mystery, his words and the energy that comes with them resonate with every cell of Heather’s being. He has helped Heather put into words many of the things that she knows instinctively but has had a challenge expressing. Heather didn’t start out painting a series. One day she simply woke up and began to paint using an entirely different palette; white, bone black, and quinacridone nickel azo gold. Contemplating the residual influence after listening to several of Matthew’s podcasts, she completed the first painting and loved it so much that she thought she would do two more. Then the three quickly turned into a series of nine. Why 9? Nine is a mastery number, and because Heather doesn’t do anything halfway, She thought she might as well just go for it and see what would happen. (Also, 9 paintings look great lined up in a 3x3 grid.) Without intending it, this series has become more than just art. Each one of these nine paintings offers a visual anchor point and a portal into the concepts covered in Matthew’s podcasts. Each painting has morphed into a gateway that invites deeper contemplation and self-realization. Using the paintings like you would a mandala or a yantra, they become a grounded symbol to help travellers like us remember and rediscover the limitlessness of the subconscious, superconscious, and whatever lies beyond.

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Matthew Patti
Performance Coach, Futurist & Modern Mystic

Matthew is the founder of Innerversal Academy™ and creator of the renowned Zero Limits: Shape Your Best Life™ program.  Admired among his peers as a visionary, futurist, modern mystic and global leader in conscious business growth, Matthew has built multiple companies over the past 25 years applying his unique blend and understanding of metaphysical principles with business strategy to help Conscious Coaches, Consultants and Health Entrepreneurs scale their business and consciousness - as the New Emerging Breed of World Shapers.

His mission is to help awaken and activate higher levels of consciousness and "Super Human" potential within - transcending out-dated models of "doing" - rising to new heights of personal performance and achievement so together, we can positively influence, impact and contribute to advancing the human race using our unique gifts, talents and abilities.


You can learn more about Matthew's work by listening to his wildly popular High Performance Consciousness podcast here

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