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Inviting Abundance

Inviting Abundance

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 Fine Art Print on Paper


"Inviting Abundance" . 2021 . 


5/9 - Consciousness Series



I wanted to create a sense of ascension from an earthy, heavy physical presence to a light etheric presence - moving from darkness to light.

I worked deliberately to create blended colour tones of dark blackish brown at the bottom moving diagonally upwards through a mid-brown and into the creamy tans and white near the top right-hand side. Once I had the right shape in combination of light and dark, I added the final splatters of pure white in a downward diagonal along the same line to indicate the sprinkling of abundance and the serendipities that begin to show up when we follow our dreams.


#8: “The Power of Meditation & Gratitude”. Take-aways: Your energy precedes you. Taking action towards your ideal is crucial as is trusting into physical sensations when a surprise or opportunity comes across your path. (Lightness vs Heaviness). TRUST that continuous steps forward will lead to the preferred reality.

#24: “You must feel it”. Take-aways: Feeling is the key. “Return to the inner world and feed subconscious with information I desire to experience in advance of actually experiencing it.” The inner world is where it is at. How will it feel when? Feeling trumps thinking. Focus on what feels good, right and in sync with the dream.


“Inviting Abundance”. In the past I always envisioned abundance coming from the heavens, out of my control, raining down on me in good times and reduced to mere sprinkles in times of challenge. Listening to Matthew’s podcasts have reminded me that that the abundance doesn’t just come from above, it is all around us, and that it only requires a resonance and a trust that we are one with source. Whatever we for wish only requires a dedicated intention of feeling, emotion and gratitude for what already has and what continues to show up in our world.

“Inviting Abundance” invites you to ponder where you are coming from with your dreams, wishes and desires. Do you believe that you have influence over what comes into your world? Do you believe you are the creator of your dreams? How does abundance show up for you in your life, what are the signs and synchronicities that you are the architect of your dreams?


“Inviting Abundance”. 2021. Size: 14”x14” with a 1” white border (16”x16”). Artist signed and numbered limited edition fine art print on archival paper, one of 77 units. 

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