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About Heather Thomas

Heather is an entrepreneur and creative who endeavours to walk her talk and follow the whispers of her heart-soul every day. She has always been interested in making art, as a child she dabbled in watercolours with her dad at the lake during the summer. As most of us do, Heather left the artistic world in her early twenties so that she could grow and learn in other ways. Now that she is in her forties, together with her husband Russell, she has built a dream studio. Heather now has the means, motivation, and support to step back into the gifts that come with rediscovering creativity through making art. She took up painting at the age of 41 and jumped into living a creative life with both feet when COVID required her to close her healing practice. Heather is highly intuitive and uses that pull to help create magic both as a writer through words and as a painter with acrylic on canvas. Playing every day with paint is a gift and Heather’s favourite pieces are created using lots of layers and textures. It means the world to Heather to be able to play with paint and simply have fun with colour and texture. “To do what we love doing everyday means that we are truly blessed in every way."


The gallery below is small sampling of Heather’s current work. A more extensive collection of completed works, works in progress and life moments can be found on her Instagram account (@heatherthomasart).


*Want to learn to paint like this? We run regular workshops and painting adventures here in Birdsong Studio. *Interested in booking a class or ordering a commission – send us a note here.

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1 folding time e WB.jpg
2 matrix e WB.jpg
3 levelling up e WB.jpg
4 quantum highway e WB.jpg
5 Inviting Abundance WB.jpg
6 beyond time e WB.jpg
7 travelling through field e WB.jpg
8 alignment e WB.jpg
9 In Flow e WB.jpg
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