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Ideal Protein:
Healthy Lifestyle Coaching & Independent, Authorized Weight Loss Centre

Ideal Protein is a healthy lifestyle and weight loss management system that differs from some of the other methods out there by providing scientifically-based, easily digestible proteins that support the maintenance of lean muscle mass while still allowing for incredible fat and weight loss. One of the most significant differences with the Ideal Protein system is that we coach our clients for up to a year afterwards, so we can help them learn how to keep that weight off. Through coaching and the IP system, many of our clients have been able to regain a lifestyle that they once thought out of reach. 


Ideal Protein has been successfully helping people just like you for decades. If you are inspired to lose weight and regain your health, then this program might just be for you.

Russell’s Ideal Protein Journey

I set out to lose weight for the first time about 13 years ago. Picture an overweight middle-aged guy running up and down the basement stairs over and over again. That didn’t work. One summer, several years later, we visited with a friend of mine who had lost a considerable amount of weight with the Ideal Protein program and was keeping it off. I signed up as soon as we got home and dived belly first into Phase One of the program.

It’s strange what you remember. The first day of draining the “carb tank” was brutal. I had a helluva headache. I was a regional councillor up in Wood Buffalo (Fort McMurray) at the time and was participating in the ground-breaking ceremony for the new International Airport Terminal. Day two was much better, and by the third day, I was doing great.

I was super diligent about “eating the sheet,” even with my busy public life of attending special events, galas, and other great reasons to cheat. The program was simple to follow and delivered results. I lost 45 pounds in a couple of months and found myself at a weight that I hadn’t seen since my early twenties. At the same time, it fundamentally changed my relationship with food and introduced me to the joy of water consumption. Before doing the IP protocol, I drank everything BUT water. Now it’s an essential partner in my life, as are vegetables.

Flash forward a decade, and after the stress of a significant move (from Fort McMurray to Okotoks), pandemic, and reestablishing our business, I slipped back into some old habits. I’m excited to start Phase One and then learn the power of the Stabilization and Maintenance phases.

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