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Beyond Time

Beyond Time

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 Fine Art Print on Paper


"Beyond Time" . 2021 . 


6/9 - Consciousness Series



“Beyond Time” began with several globs of paint on the canvas and a brush before I quickly put that down and picked up a 4” print maker’s roller. This painting was created almost entirely using that roller, a pizza cutter, and a lid from a container of paint as a stencil.

This painting is a mix of whites, greys, black, and the rusty orange of the nickel azo gold. It has a horizontal feeling that is augmented by several contrasting curved lines in black and rust that originate from the upper left corner and move centrally towards the bottom middle. There are three white circular outlines made using the lid of a container.



#6: “Going Beyond - Body, Environment, Time and Self (BETY)”. Take-aways: Moving beyond body, environment, and time. 5th dimension – unified dimension of NOW. Body is the time capsule… stuck in memory, stuck in the past. Retrain body to be in alignment with mind.

#32: “Understanding the 3rd and 5th Dimensions”. Take-aways: 3rd dimension is the world of things, of matter and materialism. 4th dimension is the world of time. Space and time are limited = Either/or. 5th dimension is now. We observe the past AND the future through memories, which is not present time. Present time is now- the energy, feeling, emotion of this moment’s experience. Love where you are right now. Have gratitude for what is now because it is what has shown up based on energetic and emotive output.



“Beyond Time”. As I squished the paint in rows back and forth across the canvas, blending the lines, creating texture, and mixing tones I kept thinking about the passage of time, the millennia before this time and the millennia to come. An image came to mind of prehistoric cave paintings, of handprints on rocks and scratches etched into stone forming stories of conquests, events, and celebrations of peoples’ pasts.

If time really has no bearing on how things come to pass, then why are we so attached to the concept of time? What would it be like if time was irrelevant and had no bearing at all? What if we could supersede time like powerful yogis, slowing it down or speeding it up? If you could put yourself in the place of an ancient redwood tree, or better yet the boulder that it grows beside – what wisdom would you have to share? How does time affect your perspective and how you live your life?


“Beyond Time”. 2021. Size: 14”x14” with a 1” white border (16”x16”). Artist signed and numbered limited edition fine art print on archival paper, one of 77 units. 

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