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Consciousness Series

Consciousness Series

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 Fine Art Print on Paper



Artworks by Heather Thomas; Influenced by Matthew Patti & High Performance Consciousness Podcast




Discovering Matthew Patti’s High Performance Consciousness Podcast in December 2020 has been foundational in helping me shift into a preferred reality and fine tune the inner workings of what really brings the most joy, freedom, and harmony in my life.


One of the things I love most about Matthew’s wisdom is that he does such a great job of making challenging topics and abstract concepts accessible. He simplifies the language of quantum physics, neuroscience, and consciousness and provides everyday examples that I can relate to with ease. Matthew speaks my language; and as an energy worker who believes in a greater mystery, his words and the energy that comes with them resonate with every cell of my being. He has helped me put into words many of the things that I know instinctively but have had challenge expressing.


I didn’t start out to paint a series. One day I simply woke up and began to paint using an entirely different palette; white, bone black and quinacridone nickel azo gold. Contemplating the residual influence after listening to a number of Matthew’s podcasts, I completed the first painting and loved it so much that I thought I would do two more. Then the three quickly turned into a series of nine. Why 9? Nine is a mastery number and because I don’t do anything halfway, I thought I might as well just go for it and see what would happen. (Also, 9 paintings look great lined up in a 3x3 grid.)


Without intending it, this series has become more than just art. Each one of these nine paintings offers a visual anchor point and a portal into the concepts covered in Matthew’s podcasts. Each painting has morphed into a gateway that invites deeper contemplation and self-realization. Using the paintings like you would a mandala or a yantra, they become a grounded symbol to help travellers like us remember and rediscover the limitlessness of the subconscious, superconscious and whatever lies beyond.


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“Consciousness Series”. 2021. Size: 14”x14” with a 1” white border (16”x16”). Artist signed and numbered limited edition fine art print on archival paper, one of 77 units. 

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