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In Flow

In Flow

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 Fine Art Print on Paper”


"In Flow" . 2021 .


9/9 - Consciousness Series



This painting came into existence quickly. As usual I didn’t start with a particular vision or plan, the shape and voice of the painting simply emerged on its own. It has a vertical feeling with the focus being a broken black, upwards stroke slightly off centre to the right, surrounded by layers of orange and cream. There are white drips coming from the top edge and a series of thin curved lines at the base of the large black stroke that provides the hint of a lotus shaped receiving dish.


#8: “The Power of Meditation & Gratitude”. Take-aways: Your energy precedes you and taking action towards your ideal is as crucial as trusting into the physical sensations that arise when a surprise or opportunity crosses your path. (Lightness vs Heaviness). TRUST that continuous steps forward will lead to the preferred reality.

#24: “You Must Feel It”. Feeling operates through the heart (highest frequency is one of gratitude). To change your outside world, the secret is to upgrade your inner world… rinse and repeat.




“In Flow”. The energy of this piece is one of manifestation in action. The broken black section off centre to the right indicates the upward focus or feeling tone of a dream, the orangey sections to either side indicate the essence of the energy surrounding that dream and the white drips coming down from above signal the receiving of the abundance or physical manifestation of the dream. We have no control over how or where things show up and this is shown by the randomness of the drips. There is something special about giving and receiving, about the gratitude that comes with manifestation and an amazing day. It is a perpetual cycle that continues regardless of whether we work it consciously or not and it will continue to bring both preferred and unpreferred realities unless we take the time to do the work and focus on what really matters.

What are you grateful for? Where in your life are your dreams coming true? Give and you shall receive. How are you giving back to the people you love, your community, to the world? Where in your life can you share more of yourself, your time, your energy, or your abundance? Where in your life is there space for more and if there isn’t, what can you release to create that space?


"In Flow”. 2021. Size: 14”x14” with a 1” white border (16”x16”). Artist signed and numbered limited edition fine art print on archival paper, one of 77 units. 

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