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Navigating Through Field

Navigating Through Field

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 Fine Art Print on Paper


"Navigating Through Field" . 2021 . 


7/9 - Consciousness Series



“Navigating Through Field” began with a few base layers of each colour of paint, brush strokes, drips and one of my favorite techniques – using a sponge towel to wipe off excess paint and move it around the canvas. What emerged was the background, a misty semi-transparent layer over a series of black drips and marks. Then I began to add more deliberate layers over top in creamy tans, oranges and black. On top and through the upper layers of paint there are several circular marks made with the pure rust orange of the quinacridone nickel azo gold. Overall, this piece has a similar angular type feeling as the “Matrix” painting but through a softer filter. It draws the eye through the outer shape into the misty centre of the unknown.



#20: “Escape Velocity”. Take-aways: Whatever you think of exists in the field as potential. All things unite and collapse into one form when you focus on a specific end. Visualization leads to action in the world. Celebration of each achievement before moving on to the next.

#16: “5-Figure States of Being”. Take-aways: Time allows us to experience the world of matter. Energy is formed and reformed over and over. Change your state to change your frequency. Stretch your sphere of potential. When you change your state of being you change your reality.



“Navigating through Field”. I struggled with a name for this one, trying to choose between a few variations on the same theme. The first time I posted it as “Navigating the Field”, Matthew kindly corrected me by calling it “Navigating Through Field”, which I have come to feel is a much better title. For me this piece asks us to be open to all possibilities, all potentials. It invites us to let go of the how and where and instead simply trust the energy and feelings behind our dreams and the great unexplainable mystery (the field) that helps us realize them.


This piece reminds us to let go of control, surrender, and simply trust, keep feeling the energy of your dreams and desires and take conscious dedicated action towards their realization. What dream are you waiting for? Are there aspects of that dream that have already shown up for you? Celebrate those and then consider what steps you are taking towards its realization and how easy or challenging is it for you to surrender control over the how and where of it all?


“Navigating Through Field”. 2021. Size: 14”x14” with a 1” white border (16”x16”). Artist signed and numbered limited edition fine art print on archival paper, one of 77 units. 

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