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Levelling Up

Levelling Up

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 Fine Art Print on Paper


"Levelling Up" . 2021 .


3/9 - Consciousness Series



This painting started with a black background on top of texture medium. I wanted to start this one differently and begin with a base colour instead of simply white. It took more time than usual to complete, so while I started it before “The Matrix” it was finished afterwards.

In this piece, I began with a sponge towel and rubbing technique which gave way to the paint brush, which then gave way to my favorite tools – a debit card and a pizza cutter. In the complete project you can see the purplish-black background peeking through a layer of mixed tan and brown paint that has been disrupted and almost but not quite removed by curved 3” wide swaths that begin at the bottom and work their way back and forth up the height of the canvas. The swaths end partially curled downwards halfway through the last pass right at the top of the canvas. There are several white curved lines of paint that have been added in a similar pattern to the larger swaths that provide visual interest and depth to the painting.



#27: “Staging your Success”. Take-aways: Your energy precedes you. Taking action towards your ideal is crucial and trusting the physical sensations when a surprise or opportunity comes across your path. TRUST that continuous steps forward will lead to the preferred reality.

#17: “Four Realms of Consciousness”. Take-aways: Moving from 3rd to 5th dimensions. The Patti Pyramid. 1. Life happens to me. Living in hope. 2. Life happens for me. No control, what I give comes back. 3. Life happens by me. Trusting self. State of being influences results. 4. Life happens through me. Time is irrelevant, trust in the dynamic nature of the field.



“Levelling Up”. An interesting visual interpretation of what it feels like to break through a mental-emotional barrier or ceiling, and step up to the next level of being, then the next and the next. Without milestones or celebrations over time we often forget where we have come from, what kind of life we used to live and what we used to believe in. We can use words like enlightenment, increasing awareness, or “woke”, either way they are all the same. Either way we are all levelling up moment by moment, day by day.

This painting invites you to ponder where you have been, where you are now and where you want to be next. This piece asks for reflection, observation, and visualization. What are your successes? How many times have you said no to others so you could say yes to yourself? What learnings and silver linings have come from perceived failures? Where have you made a shift so that something new could be realized and what are you doing now to ensure your dreams come true? How are you levelling up?


“Levelling Up”. 2021. Size: 14”x14” with a 1” white border (16”x16”). Artist signed and numbered limited edition fine art print on archival paper, one of 77 units. 


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