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The Matrix

The Matrix

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 Fine Art Print on Paper”


"The Matrix" . 2021 .


2/9 - Consciousness Series



Riding on a high from the first painting, this one happened rather quickly as well. Taking the three colours and playing with them separately, I was able to combine them in a way that kept each individual colour’s integrity unique while still bringing them all together into an inviting pattern.

This a painting that draws the eye into its burnt orange centre, then back out again to follow black, white, and grey lines in a geometrically influenced circle.



#27: “Staging your Success”. Take-aways: Your energy precedes you. Taking action towards your ideal is crucial and trusting into physical sensations when a surprise or opportunity comes across your path. TRUST that continuous steps forward will lead to the preferred reality.

#25: “Bending Reality 2”. Take-aways: Bending reality. Transcending the linear model. Space time vs time space. Going beyond what we know from our past. Re-writing the past and letting go of old beliefs that do not serve our highest purpose.

“Matrix” The Movie: There is more to what we see, there is a greater mystery behind the veil.



“The Matrix”. This painting has a feeling of push and pull to it that reminds me of how our dreams, desires, and life choices sometimes seem to collide and break apart, only to be drawn back together again in the end. Each of us is on a unique path that only we can walk which is why my path will look nothing like yours. Our choices may seem as if they are of our own free will, however in reality everything has been predetermined and pre-contracted before incarnation. If we choose the left fork, it may simply take us longer to get to where we are going than if we choose right one. I have made many such detours in my own life and when all is said and done, I don’t regret any of them because they have brought me to where I am today.

Titling this painting “The Matrix” is reminiscent of the movie with the same name featuring Keanu Reeves. It speaks of the strength required to trust a system that we are unfamiliar with, that is unknown. If we choose to believe, the system is in control of everything. It speaks to surrender. The way this painting draws the eye to its orange centre of desire indicates that there is more to life than what we see on the outside.

This piece asks you to let go of the surface, dive deeper into the matrix of life, beingness and source, and remember what it really is that lights your fire so that you can follow those dreams and live your soul’s true purpose. So, what is your dream? What is your soul’s true purpose and are you ready to surrender control for it to be realized?


“The Matrix”. 2021. Size: 14”x14” with a 1” white border (16”x16”). Artist signed and numbered limited edition fine art print on archival paper, one of 77 units. 

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