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Healing with Heather

Image by Jay Castor

With more than a dozen years as a wellness practitioner, registered massage therapist and yoga instructor, Heather brings a great many tools and life experiences to her healing sessions. Supported by source, she is positioned to offer intuitively guided sessions tailored to suit your unique needs. Heather facilitates health and healing through private wellness mentoring both in person and by distance. Using coaching, craniosacral therapy, dynamic energy healing, spiritual clearing, mindfulness and movement meditation practices she gently and effectively guides you back into a life filled with health, happiness and harmony.

Heather offers classes, workshops and short hiking excursions as part of her whole-body wellness approach to health and healing. If this is something that interests you, please inquire.


“I had a really powerful session with Heather last night. I love the way she takes me by the hand and walks me through these places I have never explored before.”

— Andy

Had an amazing session facilitated by Heather Thomas today! Her energy, heart centred and caring approach to self-care and wellness helped me feel like I was floating on air but still grounded. If you get a chance to see her, I highly recommend it!”

— Colleen

“Heather is not only one of my mentors but she is very talented in her craft. Through Yoga, Meditation guidance, CranioSacral, Ayurveda or SRT she has a way of meeting the needs of your soul and through your heart. She is very funny, laid back and she honours your body and mind in a comfortable way while helping the job done. Having a practice with her will leave you feeling like you got wrapped in a fuzzy blanket of love.”

— Ana

“I have had the privilege of attending a variety of sessions with Heather. Her compassion for embracing life in a holistic approach is so inspiring. The tenderness that she takes to make sure that each person is respected and embraces the benefits of the teachings she delivers is without a doubt above average. Heather always explains things so that you can apply the principles to your own personal journey. She is a gentle loving soul that shares her experience, strength and hope for each and every one she touches. I always leave out time together with knowledge that is practical and enriching to my own journey of life.”

— Olive

Image by Erol Ahmed
A Tower of Stones
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